Ailment 60+

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Being insured against sudden expenses is just as important after retiring than when you were working. That is why we offer all our members the opportunity to take out illness cover at a low charge.
Ailments often lead to increased expenses. Wouldn’t it feel good to be able to take a trip or some other nice treat while undergoing rehabilitation?

With Ailment 60+, you have that opportunity and you can keep the insurance going until you turn 85. If you are given one of the following diagnoses, caused by an ailment, you can receive tax-free lump-sum compensation.

How does Ailment 60+ work?

You can read more about how the insurance works here.

You can take out Ailment 60+ for your spouse, registered partner or co-habitee. Contact Customer Services - 0771–58 59 02 and we will help you.

In order to be able to be compensated, at least 180 days must have elapsed between taking out the insurance and the day when the diagnosis is made.

This qualifying period does not apply if, within 90 days from withdrawing from our Illness and Survivor Insurance, you change over to Ailment 60+.

You have a right to compensation when 30 days have elapsed after the diagnosis is established.

If you have already received compensation for a diagnosis, special rules apply should you be unfortunate enough to be afflicted again:

  • Compensation can be paid for a maximum of three different diagnoses.
  • You cannot receive compensation for the same diagnosis more than once.

The extent of the compensation depends on your (group member’s) age. If you are under 70, you receive SEK 40,000. If you are between 70 and 74, you receive SEK 34,000 and, if you are between 75 and 85, you receive SEK 27,000. It is up to you what you want to do with the money.

These diagnoses are covered by Ailment 60+

The diagnosis must be determined no later than the month in which you reach 85 as a group member. You cannot receive compensation for a diagnosis you already had when the insurance was taken out.

Diagnosis Description
Cancer (C00-C97 and D05 excluding C44 and secondary tumours C76-C79)* Malignant primary tumour, characterised as uncontrolled cell growth as well as infiltration of surrounding tissue.

The diagnosis must be based on, and determined through, a histological or cytological examination of a removed tumour or a performed biopsy, conducted by a doctor specialising in tissue studies (pathological anatomy).
Acute myocardial infarction (I21)  
Stroke (I60-I64) Cerebrovascular incident (blood clot or haemorrhage) including thromboses, embolisms and burst blood vessels in the brain.
Atrophies in the central nervous system (G10-G13) For example, motor neuron disease (ALS)
Parkinson’s disease (G20)  
Impaired vision (H54.0, H54.4) Total and irreversible (permanent) loss of sight in both eyes
Impaired hearing (H90-H91) Total and irreversible (permanent) loss of hearing in both ears
Dementia in regard to Alzheimer’s (F00.1)  
*Compensation is not given for the following cancer diagnoses: malignant skin tumour, coded under C44, for example, basal cell cancer malignant secondary tumour (metastases) coded under C76-C79.
Here you can find the answers to the most common questions about the insurance policies.

No, there is no age limit with regard to compensation.

Yes, by sending in a separate beneficiary provision to Folksam. Contact our Customer Service - 0771–58 59 02 and we will help you.

Here you can download the latest terms and conditions . This is recommended before you purchase the insurance or if you have been for example in an accident.

Villkor Sjukdom 60+ (in Swedish)

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