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This is Folksam

Folksam is customer-owned. This means that you are the owner of Folksam along with our other customers. The profit is used to make it even better to be one of our customers. We provide security for everything you care about – in all stages of life.

Today, one out of two Swedes is insured by Folksam. Our vision is for people to feel secure in a sustainable world. We therefore have an active environmental policy, unique road safety research and we work vigilantly to invest capital in a responsible manner.

A wide range of insurance

We offer all categories of insurance, including home, child, car, pet and boat insurance, as well as health, life and accident insurance, in addition to many different forms of savings.

It is important for us at Folksam that all our customers have access to our entire range on offer. The foundation for this is that we can talk to each other. You can therefore direct your inquiries to Folksam's multilingual customer service. In your own language, we recommend products and services to suit you and your family. We believe diversity is important. We therefore offer different types of savings that are suitable for everyone, regardless of ethnic background or religious affiliation.

We can help you in 15 different languages

Folksam is unique. We are the only insurance company in the industry that offers insurance services in 15 different languages, and each language has its own phone number.

We look forward to you contacting us so that we may review you and your family's total security needs.

Feel free to contact us in your own language!