Being insured against sudden expenses is just as important after retiring than when you were working.

With Accidents 60+, you continue to have everyday protection.

With Accident 60+ you have protection which pays out compensation in the event of sudden and unforeseen accidents.

Who might not fall and knock out a tooth, slip in the bath, fall down from a ladder or fall off a bike?

Accident 60+

Here you can read more about what is included in Accident 60+.

If the injury leads to you having to take eight days’ sick leave (the time it takes to heal the injury) you receive SEK 700 in compensation and SEK 700 after a further seven days’ sick leave.

If you die as a result of an accident, SEK 40,000 is paid into your estate.

You can receive compensation for medical disability which involves a permanent reduction of physical ability. How much compensation you can receive depends on the degree of disability.

The insurance sum is SEK 250,000.

There are also certain limitations in the event of gross negligence, for compensation in the event of time spent abroad, war, nuclear reaction and certain acts of terrorism.

If your accident injury involves medical care, you will receive SEK 700 on the very first visit to the doctor. This, in part, will cover your immediate expenses for, for example, medical care, treatment and travel.

If, after twelve months, you still have expenses for ongoing medical care, you will receive compensation of up to SEK 1,000per year for a further four years.

You can also receive compensation for other expenses in connection with an accident; it can, for example, be torn clothing, hearing aid and glasses or expenses of help in the home and short-term accommodation.

If you are admitted to hospital overnight for at least two days, you receive SEK 100 for the very first day and subsequently for up to 180 days.

You can also receive compensation if you need dental treatment.

An accidental injury refers to a physical injury that you suffer as a result of a sudden, unforeseen, external event.

You will receive compensation for direct consequences of such an accidental injury, not for consequences due to other bodily defects.

Here you can download the latest terms and conditions . This is recommended before you purchase the insurance or if you have been for example in an accident.

Villkor Olycksfall 60+ (in swedish)

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No, there is no age limit with regard to compensation.

Yes, by sending in a separate beneficiary provision to Folksam. Contact our Customer Service - 0771–58 59 02 and we will help you.

You can take out insurance by contacting our Customer Service. As a member of your association, we will give you a favourable rate.

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