In the case of you passing away, your next-of-kin can be hit by unexpected expenses. Group Life 60+ can help to cover funeral expenses, for example.

When you retire, your Life insurance, which you had through the collective agreement and membership of a trade union, ceases. In order for you to feel secure and not be without protection, we have drawn up insurance policies suitable for you when you no longer work.

Group Life 60+ insurance applies to you as the insured, up to and including the month in which you reach 85 (upper age limit).

The insurance sum you can choose between is SEK 40,000 or SEK 80,000. From the age of 76, the insurance sum is reduced by 5.0 percentage points for each year, up until the upper age limit.

In the event of death during the insurance period, the insurance sum is paid out in the form of death capital to the deceased’s estate.

Compensation is not paid if, within one year from taking out the insurance, you die as a result of an ailment which displayed symptoms before taking out the policy.

This does not, however, apply if, when transferring from an active employment member to a senior, you have the association’s life assurance.

Here you can download the latest terms and conditions . This is recommended before you purchase the insurance or if you have been for example in an accident.

Villkor Grupplivförsäkring 60+ (in Swedish)