The protection offered by society in the event of death is limited. It may therefore be necessary to reinforce this protection, for example so that your family can afford to continue living in your home or co-op housing in the event of your death.

Life insurance

If you die during the insurance period, a lump sum is paid out in the form of death compensation to beneficiaries. The insurance policy can be taken out by members and co-insured persons.

Children's group life insurance

This insurance applies to your inheritance-entitled children. It can also apply to an inheritance-entitled child of your spouse, registered partner or cohabitant, if the child is registered at your address. The policy is valid up to and including the calendar year your child turns 18.

If your child dies, SEK 40 000 is paid out as a funeral grant.

Important to consider - Limitations

  • The amount insured and the compensation may be lower in higher age groups or be reduced for health reasons.
  • In the case of multiple births where two or more children die within four weeks of childbirth, a maximum total of SEK 80 000 will be paid out from one insurance policy.
  • There are also certain limitations in the event of gross negligence, for compensation in the event of time spent abroad, war, nuclear reaction and certain acts of terrorism.

Terms and conditions of insurance

Below you can download complete terms and conditions and your latest insurance certificate. This will provide you with the details of what applies to your insurance.

Terms and conditions (in Swedish)