Members insurance


Sjukförsäkring hos Folksam

As a member of SULF you have access to insurances that are either a part of your membership or can be purchased at a favourable rate. Your insurances have been created together with Folksam to give you access to a good insurance cover. You can read more about your new insurance policies here.

Been a member for some time but don’t have insurance? Here’s your chance!

  • Five insurance policies that provide security for you and your family and no health declaration. You can read about the insurance under the headline “for new members”.

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A film about our insurance sollutions for new members in SULF.

This is included in your membership in SULF

Your union has made an agreement on income protection insurance with Folksam which gives you protection for the first 150 days and the option of taking out cover for 300 days all together.

Starting offer for new members

You are signed up to these insurance policies automatically as a new professional member, provided you do not decline. If you choose to retain them, you will receive them at a favourable price.

Insurance cover that you can add

If you are a member of SULF you can buy Members’ Children - a good child insurance cover with an extra favorable price.

Insurance policies for senior members

As a senior member, you are able to buy the following policies at a favourable rate through your association.