Do you know what applies when you move in together, get married, start a business or find yourself in a legal dispute? Because we know the law can be a tricky business, we offer SULF members our legal insurance. Among other benefits, our legal insurance provides up to 15 hours of legal advice each year at a very low monthly price.

The policy covers four areas: legal advice, legal protection, peace-of-mind advice and assistance in the event of identity theft.

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Lisa Cahlman-Friis at Familjens Jurist explains what is included in the insurance and what help you can get.
Read an overview of what our legal insurance covers here.

Legal insurance covers:

  • Legal advice: 15 hours per year.
  • Legal protection: compensation up to SEK 2 million per dispute, deductible SEK 3,000.
  • Assistance in the event of identity theft: 24-hour helpline, no deductible.
  • Peace-of-mind advice: three calls per year.

Where is the insurance valid and who does it cover?

The policy covers you as the policyholder in your capacity as a private citizen and for events in your private life.

It also covers anyone else registered at the same address and living with you, provided that you have a joint household. In the event of disputes or conflicts of interest between members of the household, the policy only benefits the policyholder.
You can find more details about what the policy covers here. For further information, please read the Terms and Conditions.

The policy covers most of your needs at a beneficial price.

Villkor Juristförsäkring SULF

Identity theft refers to a situation in which someone uses personal information concerning another person, usually to commit fraud. This may involve opening a bank account, applying for credit cards and loans, registering telephone subscriptions or ordering goods online in the victim’s name. When it comes to identity theft, among other things we can help you with the following:

  • Advice on how to reduce the risk of ID theft
  • Dealing with unfounded claims for payment
  • Removing incorrect records of non-payment

You will receive help from a lawyer who will analyse your situation. Among other things, this may include the following areas:

  • Family law: for example, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, division of property, custody disputes and estate inventories
  • Inheritance law: wills and inheritance issues
  • Consumer protection: disputes arising from the purchase of goods and services
  • Real estate: building permits, drawing up contracts with tradespeople for building work, etc.

Legal protection may, for example, cover reimbursement for the cost of legal representation, counterparty legal costs awarded against you and arbitration costs.

The first step is to engage the services of a legal representative, after which you or your representative may apply to us in writing for legal protection.

You can benefit from legal protection if, for example, you:

  • are party to a custody dispute;
  • are party to a dispute arising from a consumer purchase;
  • have an application for sickness benefit refused; or
  • are involved in a legal dispute with a neighbour

Peace-of-mind advice is available in the form of three calls a year to Falck Healthcare. Your first call will be with a social worker, after which, if necessary, you may be referred to a specialist for two further calls. This may be a psychologist or economist, depending on what kind of advice you are seeking.

You can book an appointment with Falck Healthcare by calling +46 8-20 26 24. They are open from 08:00–17:30 Monday–Thursday and 08:00–17:00 on Friday. You can also email them at

Peace-of-mind advice
  • First you will receive a call from a social worker; if after that you need to speak to a specialist (economist or psychologist), the social worker will book an appointment on your behalf
  • A specialist will contact you within 5 working days
  • You can speak to your advisor by telephone or online

How to use the various benefits of your legal insurance

You can book an appointment with legal counsel by calling Familjens Jurist on +46 770 339 390. Advice will be offered by telephone or via Skype.

You can book an appointment with Falck Healthcare for peace-of-mind advice by calling +46 8 20 26 24.

For assistance in the event of identity theft, please call Tenerity AB’s 24-hour hotline on +46 771 190 001.

To apply for legal protection, you must first engage the services of a legal representative, who will submit a written application to us.
Your legal insurance policy includes up to 15 hours of legal advice per year.

Legal protection provides cover up to SEK 2 million per dispute with a deductible of SEK 3,000.

Identity theft cover applies without deductible and includes access to a 24-hour hotline.

If you have declined an offer to take out legal insurance, you may do so at a later date, in which case the policy will enter into force six months after the date on the insurance certificate.